Seeking Network Weavers 

Seeking Network Weavers 
Richard Couldrey
24 April 2024
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While our Movement is made up of local groups, acting in their own places to respond to the biggest problems of our time, we’ve discovered there is great value in connecting with each other. Together we can share, learn, collaborate and support each other, making us all stronger. 

Back in 2022, we launched a conversation about how the Transition Movement in England and Wales could be connected, supported, strengthened and organised. A Caretaker group was gathered to consult with Transitioners and others, to explore how ‘Transition Hubs’ serve local groups in other places, and to gather findings on what could work in the UK context.  Transition Together and its team are here to support and respond to the needs of Transition groups – but how can its work be guided by the Movement it seeks to serve? What processes or structures would help us ensure that? 

We shared the Caretaker Group’s exploration, and in December, the seven key principles that emerged in a co-authored ‘Hub proposal’. Now we’re seeking three freelance Network Weavers to build on these foundations, moving from the thinking, talking and reflecting phase, into doing and building. This next step will nurture relationships, spaces and processes to stimulate dialogue and co-author the next chapter of the Transition Movement in the UK.

This is an exciting moment in the journey of Transition across the country, and an exciting opportunity to play a part in it. The Network Weavers will travel alongside Transition groups and emerging regional networks and continue the exploration of how the seven principles can work in practice. 

The work will culminate in a Transition Assembly next February, which our Network Weavers will co-design with the Movement. This will be a People’s Assembly-inspired gathering to ‘chart a course’ and take ownership of the direction of Transition in the coming years. 

A circle of people stand in a large room, one person in the centre is holding a piece of string which is connecting members of the circle.
A Transition gathering In Liverpool explores how the different participants are linked in a web of connection.

Network Weaver role 

To make this a reality, we are looking for three Network Weavers, supported by Transition Together’s Hub Development Lead Link, Richard Couldrey. These are freelance contracts, working around 2 days a week, from June 2024 to March 2025. The Network Weavers will work closely together to deliver the project and collaborate with the Transition Together team.

Transition Together is a project with a non-hierarchical team who work remotely and use the principles and practices of sociocracy and holacracy to self-organise their work.

The roles will involve: 

  • Reaching out and visiting Transition Groups and bringing them together online and in-person to build connections and deepen relationships.
  • Explore other ways for people to connect with the Transition Movement aside from local area activity.
  • Co-design, develop, deliver and capture the outcomes of a People’s Assembly for the Transition Movement in Wales and England to be held in February 2025, in collaboration with the Hub Development Lead Link.

They are people-focused roles, very much working with Transitioners, Transition Groups and Transition Together as we look to become more representative of and accountable to the movement.

We welcome applications from everyone based in Wales or England. We are committed to actively exploring how we can make our organisation a place where people from a wide variety of backgrounds, lived experiences and with varied needs can thrive.

Application is by CV and form, and should be submitted by 13 May 2024. Full role details and application details here.

If you would like to receive the recruitment pack in Welsh or need other support with it, please email

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