Support & Funding

We offer support to help Transition groups across England, Wales and Northern Ireland develop and grow. We do this by connecting groups, helping them learn from each other, seed funding grants, training and sharing resources such as our Visioning Guide.

We run regular and one-off training events throughout the year and our latest round of seed funding grants is open until January 2024. Both are designed to support, nourish and strengthen your group. More information about each below.

If you are looking for support and funding in Scotland, please connect with our Scottish partners – Scottish Communities Climate Action Network here.

Vive - where we connect
Young people fill seed trays with soil at a workshop at a community garden run by Transitoin group Community Roots Permaculture Project in Bolton.

Seed Funding

Our seed funding programme offers grants to help Transition Groups build their capacity and increase their impact in their local community.

Grants may support groups to pay for coordination or core costs; to develop initiatives such as a social enterprise, a community hub or green space; to run a visioning process; access training or develop partnerships to work in solidarity with under-resourced groups in the local community.

Our grants range from £100 to £10,000. Applications for our latest round of seed funding are open until January 2024.


Vive Platform

Join Vive, our new online space for Transitioners and others working for community-led change to connect, share, learn and support each other. 

The easy-to-use platform has geographical and themed spaces to help you find others to share your journey and questions with. Check out our short video introduction and join below. 

Find out more
A circle of people stand in a large room, one person in the centre is holding a piece of string which is connecting members of the circle.

Training & Workshops

As our communities and groups face new challenges, we’ve developed two new training programmes designed just for Transition groups.

If you are a new group or considering forming one, our short Launch workshop is the perfect way to find out more about the Transition movement and how to get started on a firm footing. Meanwhile our Thrive programme of six short workshops will help your existing group become stronger and more sustainable, reach new people and have the confidence to explore new ideas and projects.

Drawing on years of shared experience within the Transition movement and beyond, both workshops will give you useful resources, tools and practises relevant to your group and the work of community led change.


The Transition movement has a wealth of useful resources and guides to support to do transition in your local community. We have featured some of our favourites below.  You can find more resources on Transition Network’s website here.

“The Future We Want” Visioning Guide

Our updated, step-by-step guide helps you explore What Is, to ask big What If? questions, and start to work out What’s Next? We also have a plain text version of the guide if that is more accessible for you.
Chris McCartney
6 February 2024

Call to Action

Five provocations from our What Next Summit, hosted in March 2021 to help guide collective community building practice moving forwards.
29 October 2021

Essential Guide to Transition

Read this guide to understand everything you need to know to start Transition in your community.
29 October 2021

Conflict Resilience

Practical guides and tips to help your group move through and transform conflict.
21 October 2021

Inner Transition

The changes we need to make within ourselves to transition to the more caring, equitable, beautiful, sustainable and resilient world.
21 October 2021
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