The Transition movement is made up of hundreds of people across the world, who come together to form Transition groups. Transition groups are rooted in their own community, so each is a bit different. They strive to be inclusive and are led by local people, deciding what matters most in their own situation.

In practice, they might be working to make local food more available, setting up community enterprises and energy projects or improving local spaces. Groups may develop different projects, but some things we have in common. We dream big and ask questions about what our community could be like and then we roll our sleeves up to make it happen. We get creative about how to build a better future, we invite everyone to join in and we celebrate.

It’s exciting to be part of reshaping your local community – and doing it together, as a group, makes it more fun, more effective and more likely to last. We also get to draw on what hundreds of Transition groups across the world are doing.

Anyone can set up or join a Transition group.  Search for a group below or check out our resources to get a group started in your local area.

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