Sowing seeds and tending – how training supports Transition

Transition Together’s new Training and Group Support Lead Daniel Balla has been planting bulbs. Here, he reflects on how, like gardening, our work for change can be nurtured and thrive with the right seeds, tools and the wisdom and experience of fellow growers.
Daniel Balla
21 February 2024
8 minute read

Putting justice at the heart of Transition

Our new Just Transition Lead Rona Hardie has been in post three months. Here she reflects on work already taking place in the Movement to centre justice, and how we can journey together to a fairer, thriving, better future for everyone in our communities.
Rona Hardie
6 February 2024
6 minute read

Bringing the planet to the heart of a Welsh town

Susan Holmes, chair of Carmarthen Together, shares about their new bilingual community environmental centre. It's fast becoming a hub for practical action, connection and skills, and an amazing feat, less than a year after they launched the Transition town.
Susan Holmes
6 February 2024
3 minute read

Exploring how to shift control back to communities

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, more than 200 organisations came together at CTRLshift summits, to look at new ways to collaborate, connect and build a broad movement for positive social change. It sparked five local experiments in innovative ways to build community power. We speak to those involved about their impact and what’s been learnt about how change happens - and share an invitation to join a fresh round of prototypes.
Chris McCartney
5 February 2024
10 minute read

The Story of our Second Year

A year ago, we looked back on the activity and impact of Transition Together. As upsetting and traumatic events are all too present in the world and in our minds, it feels important to look back again over the year just gone, to take stock, celebrate what’s gone well and renew our intentions to focus on the work that is yet to be completed.
Chris McCartney
9 January 2024
9 minute read

Seven essential ingredients for the future of Transition

Equity, soulcraft, transformation, resilience: Monica Cru-Hall shares what the Caretaker Group discovered as core to a Hub to support the Transition movement in Wales and England. And invites you to step closer to help shape the emerging hub in practice.
Monica Cru-Hall
14 December 2023
7 minute read

A Passion for Working Class Permaculture

Steve Jones has a passion for bringing permaculture and Transition to working class communities. He tells Chris McCartney how the group is using food to bring people together across race and ethic difference, and helping grow access to fresh, affordable, local food on their estate.
Chris McCartney
1 December 2023
9 minute read

Doing it for the Kids: Transition Chipping Norton. 

Rob Hopkins hears how Transition Chipping Norton used seed funding grants to reboot their group, while also mobilising young people through an outdoor youth club, to help shape their community.
Rob Hopkins
30 November 2023
11 minute read

“Runner Beans Not Runways” Forest, art and community in Heathrow’s flight path

For 11 years, Grow Heathrow activists transformed a former market garden into a space for community, food growing and resistance to airport expansion. But what’s happened since the site was shut down and activists evicted? Rob Hopkins discovers how Transition seed funding is nurturing new shoots of community power and imagination in the villages that lie in the path of a proposed new runway.
Rob Hopkins
9 November 2023
7 minute read

How seed funding nourishes community action

As we announce the latest round of seed funding, find out how these small grants are unlocking big change in communities and showing how a fairer, more resilient future is not only possible, it’s already being created. 
Chris McCartney
19 October 2023
8 minute read

United by the flow of the River Exe

Last month, the River Exe came alive with song, nightswimming, stories and a wild salmon run for the first Festival of the River Exe. Transition co-founder Rob Hopkins hears about the three Transition groups who collaborated to protect, restore and celebrate their local river, harnessing public outrage at the state of our water and transforming it into local action.
Rob Hopkins
4 October 2023
7 minute read

Transition job: Training & Support Lead

Transition groups are the beating heart of our movement. We are seeking a Training and Group Support Lead to join our team, responding to the challenges of community-led change and helping our groups unlock their full potential. Over the past two years, we have developed a lively training programme to help groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to launch and thrive, as well as one-off topical events to dive deeper into specific skills and issues. Our new Training [...]
Chris McCartney
28 September 2023
2 minute read
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