The Transition care farm with room for all

It all started with four people from a small Transition group and a derelict former farm site. Today, Greenslate community-owned farm is a hive of community activity, with hundreds of people visiting, volunteering and learning each month.
Chris McCartney
23 May 2023
6 minute read

Orchard, forest, a fruit tree for every home: communities planting trees for the future

Creating a new forest may seem a big ambition for a community group. In his latest blog, Transition Together’s Rob Hopkins talks to some of the Transition’s movements most prolific tree planters about how and why they’re seeking to make their communities shadier, leafier and fruitier.
Rob Hopkins
27 April 2023
9 minute read

Building community resilience

If the last few years have revealed anything, it is that shocks and uncertainty happen - and how well we endure and recover has a great deal to do with our resilience. Here we explore how are Transition groups and others building skills, connections and infrastructure to grow the resilience of our communities?
Chris McCartney
30 March 2023
11 minute read

Bridport goes Solar 

A Transition group is exploring a new way to make it cheaper and easier for residents to install solar panels on their roofs. Sustainable Bridport has negotiated a bulk discount for solar panels, and is helping people explore if its the right option for them.
Chris McCartney
13 March 2023
3 minute read

Going with the Grain

Recent years have seen rising interest in community scale grain growing projects. Part food security experiments, part community arts projects, part research initiatives that could just turn out to be vital to our food future, Transition Together’s Rob Hopkins meets some community grain growing pioneers and finds out why some people are flailing, winnowing and stooking their way back to community resilience.
Rob Hopkins
3 March 2023
8 minute read

Key questions for our future that need your answers

What do you need from the Transition movement to help you feel like you belong? How could a Hub help your group thrive? What would make it accessible to you? Amy Sciafe shares the exploration of the Caretaker group, which is helping develop a more representative structure to support the Transition movement in England and Wales, and invites you to join the process.
Chris McCartney
14 February 2023
5 minute read

Our first year

Transition Together launched a little over a year ago, and it’s a good time to reflect on our role, what we’ve been doing, what we’ve learned and on what we’ll be focusing in 2023.
Chris McCartney
11 January 2023
9 minute read

Creating space for community imagination

How can your community reimagine and reclaim its future? Rob Hopkins explores how creating inclusive spaces, and asking 'What If' questions can unlock our collective imagination.
Rob Hopkins
9 January 2023
8 minute read

Taking care of a vital conversation

In July 2022, a group of five 'Caretakers' came together to explore a framework for the future of the Transition movement in the UK.  In this blog, Amy Scaife shares their journey so far as they unearth big questions for all of us, and start to map a path through.
Chris McCartney
12 December 2022
7 minute read

Eat, grow, share: Communities building food resilience

In the second of our series on how communities are rising to face the cost of living crisis together, we explore the theme of food.
Chris McCartney
1 December 2022
12 minute read

Set up a power station; retrofit a neighbourhood – Communities tackling the energy crisis

What if we pulled together to confront the ‘cost of living’ crisis, rather than leaving people to face it alone? In the first of three articles, Chris McCartney looks at how communities are working together to resist rising energy costs, tackling not only the symptoms but the root causes of the current challenges we face and pave the way for a transition to a sustainable and just future.
Chris McCartney
25 October 2022
10 minute read

Seed Funding stories: Vertical Farming in Guildford

Zero Guildford set up its climate hub a year ago - and their eye-catching vertical farming towards produce salad and veg indoors to supply its community fridge. Funded by a Transition seed funding grant, watch the video to find out how the towers are sparking conversations about local food production.
Chris McCartney
17 October 2022
1 minute read

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