We’re recruiting – Just Transition Lead

We’re recruiting – Just Transition Lead
Chris McCartney
15 August 2023
2 minute read

Transition Together is seeking to embed the principles and practices of Just Transition at the heart of our work supporting community-led action. 

To do that, we have created a new staff role, to bring in extra capacity, experience and knowledge to support our team and the wider Transition movement of local groups in England & Wales.  We are seeking someone who will work collaboratively with our small team and the movement to articulate how a just transition is key to reimagining our future.

In creating this role, we recognise that the environmental and climate crises cannot be adequately addressed without also addressing the inequality, exclusion, injustice and oppression in our society and the world. It is also a recognition that we, as a team, need to grow our capacity and our work in this area to make justice core to our project. We want to play our part in unlocking the potential and power of local communities to contribute to a just transition to a fairer, more resilient and more inclusive future from the ground up. 

Could it be you?

The role is three days a week, and, due to the nature of our funding, initially fixed term until August 2024. We’ve already done some thinking about the focus on this role, and created an outline plan – there is also flexibility and scope for the post holder to build on this.

You’ll be a core member of our small, non-hierarchical team, which works remotely and uses the principles and practices of sociocracy and holacracy to self-organise our work.

We welcome applications from everyone. We are committed to actively exploring how we can make our organisation a place where people from a wide variety of backgrounds, lived experiences and with varied needs can thrive.

Application is by CV and covering letter, and should be submitted by 17 September.

Full role details here.

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