Start A Group

Start A Group

We’re here to help you get started doing Transition where you live. So we’ve distilled 10 years of experience support Transition in 50 countries, to give you everything you need to know. If you are considering or in the process of starting a Transition group in the UK, join one of our upcoming Launch workshops. It’s designed to help you get started on a firm footing, with loads of practical tools and practises. Find out more about our training.

To help you get Transition started in your community we have produced ‘The Essential Guide to Doing Transition’

This guide gives you an overview of Transition and outlines all the activities that can help you to develop Transition in your community. It is illustrated with great stories from Transition groups across the world. 

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed after reading this guide, as we have also created a whole range of activities, guides and info sheets in the 7 essential ingredients section to support you through this process.  

You will notice that this guide is about the processes you can use, it does not tell you what projects you should be doing or what issues you should be focusing on. This is because Transition is about local responses to problems and it is up to you to decide what to focus your attention on and how to frame Transition for your community. Lots of groups have developed Transition without carrying out all the activities mentioned in this guide, so feel free to do it your own way, we would love to hear what you have found to work.

Also don’t forget there is a Transition Training called Launch that is a great introduction to Transition and how to start. We thank you for taking this first step and welcome you to the Transition family, a global family taking steps at a local level to create a better world.

Here is a list of all the resources we have to help you do Transition.

All these resources are great, but we also recommend that you contact the nearest Transition Group to you (if there is one) via our map and arrange to meet them for a chat about how they started Transition. 

If you do start up a group please put it on the map to let us and everyone in the movement know you exist.

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