Seed Funding

Our yearly seed funding programme offers grants to help Transition groups build your capacity, increase your impact in your local community and do something that might otherwise be impossible. Our grants are there to enable groups to work with your community to reimagine and rebuild more socially just, resilient and environmentally sustainable futures.

We are grateful to National Lottery players and The National Lottery Community Fund for the funding that makes these grants possible.

Seed Funding
Build Alternatives

Build the Alternatives

Maybe you’ll use your grant to launch a new project like a climate emergency centre; to break ground on a new community garden; to kickstart a local visioning conversation or for a fantastic event? Or it could help develop your group by supporting coordination or staff costs, help you build relationships and networks, or work in solidarity with marginalised communities. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to explore what a sustainable local economy might look like, and a grant could help create new livelihoods, a co-op or launch a social enterprise.

We are really open to hearing your ideas, so even if they don’t come under these things please do still apply. You can find out more  about how Transition groups used the last round of seed funding below.


To cover small project costs such as facilitator fees, a zoom account, tools or travel.


To support you to set up new projects, cover core staff costs or launch community led social enterprises.


To support you to work in partnership with other Transition groups to achieve a shared goal. Could have a regional or a thematic focus.

Application Details

How to Apply

This seed funding is for Transition groups or Hubs in England and Wales registered with Transition Network.

To register on the Transition Network site, please follow this linkMore information on eligibility and the criteria for becoming a transition group here.

We have tried to make this application process as simple and easy as possible, using short online forms, videos and screen readable content. Groups can make more than one application and can apply for more than one type of grant.

Please do read our All You Need to Know guide before applying.

Deadline Date: 6/6/2022


The Transition movement has a wealth of useful resources and guides to support to do transition in your local community. We have featured some of our favourites below.  You can find more resources on Transition Network’s website here.