Seed Funding stories: Vertical Farming in Guildford

Seed Funding stories: Vertical Farming in Guildford
Chris McCartney
17 October 2022
1 minute read

Zero Carbon Guildford opened their high street community climate hub a year ago. It brings together many different practical initiatives to build resilience, wellbeing and connections and to help people cut energy and resource use. Among the refill shop, vegan cafe, community fridge and exhibitions, visitors are drawn to their vertical farming towers, funded by a Transition Bounce Forward seed funding grant.

The towers in shop window flourish with salads and leafy veg, and also spark many conversations about where our food comes from and how we can boost local food production. Take a tour and find out more in this video:

Find out how Zero Guildford set up their hub here, visit their site here and explore Transition Together’s 2022 seed funding programme here.

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