Vive – where we connect

While Transition groups are independent and have different local conditions, we often share similar questions and challenges in our work. Vive is an online space just for Transitioners and others working for community-led change. It’s a place where you can ask questions, share ideas and inspiration, and where we can learn, grow and support each other. 

If you would benefit from connecting with other Transitioners working on similar issues, from hearing what other groups are doing, and drawing on the collective knowledge and inspiration in the movement, you need to join Vive. 

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Why Vive?

Vive is an ethical online space, using open source software and powered by green energy. The same technology has been tried and tested by Transition Network internationally to help people connect and collaborate around the world – now we’ve created a version focused on the UK to build stronger links between people involved in Transition here. 

It can be hard to cut through the noise and ads of social media to get to the heart of the matter. Vive is more than just a social media platform though – it’s a place where we can collaborate around our common interests and the work we’re doing to change the world locally. 

Get started

Yaz is here to help you get on board and make the most of Vive, so do reach out to them with any questions or issues you’re having. Yaz is also here to hold a conversation about how we develop Vive, and what else it can do to support Transitioners and groups. 

If you’re new to Vive, watch our video to help you get started.

Get Started
A screenshot of the Vive platform, showing a list of themed spaces, including food, new economy, nature and Inner Transition.

How to use Vive

Vive is organised into themed and regional spaces – so you can be a member of the Food, Energy and North of England spaces at the same time, for example. Growing Transition is for anyone interested in how we do outreach, communications and strengthen our groups. Most spaces are open to all to join, though a few are designed to connect those taking part in a particular project, and just for participants. 

You can follow and connect with other Vive users, and also send direct messages – great for following up for more info on their projects. There’s also a Transition Together space where we share news, events, funding and other opportunities.

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