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Building Resilient Communities Across Britain

Across the country people are feeling things can’t keep going as they are.

The climate crisis, inequality, division and widespread discrimination show our political and economic systems are not serving the wellbeing of people or the planet. But people from all walks of life are coming together to turn this around and build a better future. Communities are stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local.

If we wait for governments, it will be too late. If we act as individuals, it will be too little. But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, and it might just be in time. Transition Together supports people to connect locally to build more sustainable and equal communities where we have control over our day to day lives. Explore our groups, upcoming events, news and stories, plus the support and funding we offer for community-led change.

What is the Transition Movement?

Transition is an international movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world. Since 2005, thousands of groups have emerged in villages, cities, universities and schools in more 50 countries.

Transition is about people taking practical action together in their local area to address the big challenges they face. Between us, we are building a more equal, sustainable and democratic future.

A group of people enjoys an outdoor event together. Two individuals seated on the grass sort through shoeboxes filled with various items, while two others stand nearby smiling. In the background, several people and a tent can be seen, marking a delightful transition from everyday routine to communal joy.

Join a Local Group

People in every neighbourhood have the power to make their local community more sustainable and socially just. The first step is to come together.

Transition groups and local organisers are the beating heart of our movement. There are over 300 Transition groups across Britain already taking action to build a different future.

Connect with your local group, or start one yourself if there isn’t one near you.


Recent Stories

Meet your Network Weavers

Introducing our three Network Weavers, who will spend the next nine months forging stronger connections across our Movement and preparing the ground for the first UK Transition Assembly.
Chris McCartney
4 July 2024
4 minute read

What to do about the General Election?

How can communities positively engage with the election? We explore ways to bring care and common ground to the debate, find ways to bring people together, amplify community views and throw our support behind initiatives to build a better future for people and planet.
Chris McCartney
5 June 2024
12 minute read

Hiring Just Transition Lead

Transition is inevitable – justice is not. Nine months ago, we launched a new focus in our work to support communities to build a better, fairer, thriving future for everyone. Rona Hardie joined us as our first Just Transition Lead, and helped our team and the wider movement to explore more deeply what justice means for our work, and how we can be part of building a just transition at community level. We’re excited for Rona (but sad for us), […]
Chris McCartney
5 June 2024
2 minute read

Seeking Network Weavers 

“From talking and reflecting to doing and building”. Richard Couldrey shares the latest phase of the hub development process, to explore structures and ways to connect and give voice to the Transition Movement, culminating in plans for a People’s Assembly early next year.
Richard Couldrey
24 April 2024
3 minute read

Making way for Justice in each community – Transition Alive 1

When you work for change, there are some questions which consistently arise. In Spring 2024, we convened three Transition Alive conversations to grapple with some of these knotty questions and explore projects which seek to answer them. Cam Elizabeth (writer, film producer and founder member of Welsh Transition group Usk Together for the Climate) shares her reflections on what emerged.
Cam Elizabeth
17 April 2024
6 minute read

The challenge of scaling up well – Transition Alive 2

Given the depth of the challenges our world is facing – how can the good stuff that’s happening be spread, replicated and scaled up – without causing some of the very problems we’re trying to resolve?  In the second of her series inspired by our Transition Alive events, Cam Elizabeth explores how this works in practice, the joys and pitfalls, from projects and businesses to emerge from the Transition Movement. 
Cam Elizabeth
17 April 2024
6 minute read

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