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Building Resilient Communities Across Britain

Across the country people are feeling things can’t keep going as they are.

The climate crisis, inequality, division and widespread discrimination show our political and economic systems are not serving the wellbeing of people or the planet. But people from all walks of life are coming together to turn this around and build a better future. Communities are stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local.

If we wait for governments, it will be too late. If we act as individuals, it will be too little. But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, and it might just be in time. Transition Together supports people to connect locally to build more sustainable and equal communities where we have control over our day to day lives.

What is the Transition Movement?

Transition is an international movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world. Since 2005, thousands of groups have emerged in villages, cities, universities and schools in more 50 countries.

Transition is about people taking practical action together in their local area to address the big challenges they face. Between us, we are building a more equal, sustainable and democratic future.

Join a Local Group

People in every neighbourhood have the power to make their local community more sustainable and socially just. The first step is to come together.

Transition groups and local organisers are the beating heart of our movement. There are over 300 Transition groups across Britain already taking action to build a different future.

Connect with your local group, or start one yourself if there isn’t one near you.


Recent Stories

From waterworks to wild water park in community hands

What if local people could take over unused public land and turn it into parks, nature reserves, even wild swimming pools to benefit nature and the community? A group in East London wants to do that with a concrete former water depot.
Chris McCartney
11 August
5 minute read

Seed Funding goes live: From tiny seeds, Transition groups grow bountiful harvests

We always knew it. Small seeds can lead to many, varied and bountiful crops in the hands of the Transition community! Now, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, we are launching a new round of funding available to groups, and we’re bursting with excitement to see what you are going to do. 
Chris McCartney
28 July
8 minute read

The next step for Transition in England and Wales

You’re invited on a journey of discovery, to help us explore what a representative structure to support Transition groups in England and Wales could do for our movement. Read on to find out why this process is important to building a resilient movement for the future, and meet the team who will guide us on the journey.
Chris McCartney
27 July
7 minute read

“Hope with its sleeves rolled up” blooms in Wellington

A disused but valued patch land is being transformed into a forest garden providing food, herbs and building materials for […]
Rob Hopkins
12 April
7 minute read

Building Community Action Through Climate Hubs

It took Transition group Zero Carbon Guildford 18 months from idea to grand opening of their community-led climate hub in a former high street store. The ZERO team has written a helpful guide for other groups exploring something similar for their place – thanks for letting us share it here!
Chris McCartney
27 February
27 minute read

Transition Wilmslow’s gardens grow and grow

Transition Wilmslow in Cheshire was one of 87 Transition groups to receive a seed funding grant from the Transition Bounce Forward project in 2020. Rob Hopkins caught up with Althea, Garry, Andrew and Pippa from the group to find out how their new community garden – and their dream for a network of market gardens – was growing… 
Rob Hopkins
16 February
7 minute read

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